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Shorestation Boat Lift






Wheel Lock Mechanism
This spring-activated, safety feature prevents the platform from being raised too high.


Sealed Roller Bearings
The winch tube pulleys on 1500 lb. to 4000 lb. capacity models feature sealed roller bearings for effortless lifting.

Adjustable Winch Tube
The winch tube can be adjusted up or down for easy access to your boat.


The ShoreStation Winch
One of the most important features of this hoist is the time-tested ShoreStation winch. Virtually unchanged for over 40 years, it offers smoother lifting and dependability far superior to any ordinary winch.

Specially Designed Platform
The "V" shape of the platform allows for operation in shallower waters and provides more positive centering. It is raised and lowered vertically to eliminate torque that would fatigue and weaken the hoist. In the "up" position, there are no moving parts left in the water which minimizes corrosion.

Aluminum and Galvanized Steel Construction
We've combined the lasting durability of aluminum with galvanized steel for added strength in critical areas. The result is a strong, lightweight hoist that can be installed or removed by hand.

Full-length, carpeted bunks
Our fully-carpeted bunks to protect the hull surface and perfectly positioned to keep the boat centered during launching and loading.

Cushioned Motor Stop
For an added measure of safety and perfect positioning time after time.

Four-corner Adjustability
Keep the lift platform level while conforming to the contours of an uneven lake bed.

Aluminum Extrusions
In addition to their superior environmental endurance, extrusions eliminate the need for aluminum welds while adding to the strength and stability of the hoist.

Durable Component Parts
From the stainless steel pin and brass bushings in platform pulleys to the stainless steel platform cables, everything is designed for years of dependable service.

Model Load Capacity Max. Beam Material
3600 lb. 110 " N/A
3000 lb. 108 " N/A
3000 lb. 120 " N/A
3000 lb. 120 " N/A
4000 lb. 108 " N/A
4000 lb. 108 " N/A
4000 lb. 120 " N/A
4000 lb. 120 " N/A
1200 lb. 88 " N/A
1500 lb. 100 " N/A
1500 lb. 100 " N/A
1500 lb. 100 " N/A
2000 lb. 100 " N/A
2000 lb. 100 " N/A
2000 lb. 100 " N/A
3000 lb. 108 " N/A
3000 lb. 108 " N/A
3000 lb. 108 " N/A
3000 lb. 120 " N/A
3000 lb. 120 " N/A
3000 lb. 120 " N/A
4000 lb. 108 " N/A
4000 lb. 108 " N/A
4000 lb. 108 " N/A
4000 lb. 120 " N/A
4000 lb. 120 " N/A
4000 lb. 120 " N/A
4500 lb. 120 " N/A
3000 lb. 108 " N/A
1200 lb. 88 " N/A





Road Transport Kit
SSAA - Just the ticket for towing your boat lift to and from the water. Just add rubber to the wheels provided, attach the kit to the unit and your lift is roadworthy. The kit includes:
  • Two Spindle/Hub Assemblies - SS#50
  • Two 15" Rims - SS#51's
  • One set of attaching Brackets - SS#230A
  • One Tongue Assembly - SS#231A

For Models from 2000 - 7000 lbs.

On Water Transport Kit
HA0014 - The On Water Transport kit is designed to assist floating your boat lift over open water to its destination if equipped with an adequate form of floatation. It adjusts to fit all aluminum lifts available.

Carrying Handles
SS#233A - Carrying Handles make carrying a boat lift into position just a little bit easier for you and three friends.

For Models with capacities from 2000 to 6000 lbs.

Electric Drive
SSDC2, 12V and SSAC2, 110V Electric Drives - With an electric drive, all it takes is a flip of a lever and throw of a switch before your boat lift will be raised safely into storage position.

SSDC2 (12V) runs on rechargeable power from your boat or remote 12V source.

SSAC2 (110V) powers your boat lift with AC power from the shore. Both can be manually engaged and disengaged for hand operation.

For Models from 2000 to 6000 lbs.

Extension Legs
SSKA - Extension legs are to be used on 2000 lb. to 4000 lb. hoists for deep water applications.

SSKA-55 - Extension legs for hoists 5000 to 7000 lbs.

Front End Boat Stop
The aluminum boat stop with large foam cushion for extra protection.
HA1180 - for 1500 to 4000 lb. hoists; HA1242 - for 3000 and 9000 lb. boat lifts.

Centering Guides
Carpeted centering guides are especially helpful in rough waters.

HA0011 - For 1500 to 4000 lb. boat lifts.
HA0012 - For 5000 lb. and 6000 lb. boat lifts and for the 4000 lb. and 6000 lb hydraulic boat lifts.

Pontoon Conversion Kit
SSPV - Converts your SSV30108, SSV40108 or SSV40120 lift to a center-lift pontoon boat lifts. All the necessary hardware provided, all you do is buy the wood locally.

The vinyl-coated nylon fabric canopy feature the new innovative SpoolSnap attaching system and a longer valance for added protection. Canopy is available in a variety of colors. See color chart.

Guides & Bumpers
SSHA and SSN-36 - The SSHA consists of two cradle brackets mounted on the crossmember that self-align with the boat on them, keeping it from tilting right or left. The SSN-36 are the white polystyrene foam uprights that act as bumpers when loading or launching your boat keeping it centered for a smooth landing or a clean getaway.

For Models SS36110

Roll-In Roll-Out
HA0017/HA0018 - Elevating Arm and Spindle Mounting Kits for roll-in hoist applications. Use in conjunction with 3510593 wheels.

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